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The SUNTEST XLS+ is used to check for property changes of materials and products caused by sunlight, temperature and moisture in a short period of time. The aging which, outdoor or indoor, may take place over months or years, such as fading, yellowing or loss of strength, can often be simulated within weeks inside a SUNTEST.

Xenotest 440

The Xenotest 440 is a highly versatile xenon weathering instrument designed for fast and economical testing, the Xenotest 440 utilizes a new twin-lamp operating technology which enables high irradiance levels of 120 W/m2 of total UV radiation. The aging which, outdoor or indoor, may take place over months or years, such as fading, yellowing or loss of strength, can often be simulated within weeks inside XENOTEST 440.

UV Test

The Atlas UVTest is an instrument for tests that vary light/dark cycles, temperature, condensing humidity, water sprays, and irradiance control. To produce condensation, a heated reservoir in the bottom of the test chamber produces water vapor that rises to the upper chamber where specimens will be exposed to UV radiation and uniform wetting at 100% relative humidity.

Memmert climate chamber

Memmert  temperature test chamber is very convinien for environmental simulation, material testing and stability testing.The temperature control from +20 ºC to +90 ºC, as well as the active humidification and dehumidification from 10% to 95% rh, are optimally tuned to the requirements of stability analysis.

Salt Spray Chamber ssc 400

One of the main destructive agents of nature is corrosion, being one of the main causes of economic losses. The Salt Spray Chambers simulate the resistance that may have a material throughout its useful life in a short period of time. The Salt Spray Corrosion Test consists of an accelerated corrosion attack by an artificial salt spray of a certain composition, in the exact conditions of temperature and pressure.

Binder drying chamber

BINDER drying chamber withforced convection used when fast drying or heating is required.  Thanks to its fully homogeneous temperature distribution, quick dynamics and powerful fan, this heating oven saves valuable time of drying samples.

TABER Rotary Platform Abrasion Tester

This rotary abrasion tester is used to determine relative resistance to abrasion defined as "the ability of a material to withstand mechanical damage" such as rubbing, scraping or erosion.  Taber Abraser rapidly became the world standard for evaluating abrasion resistance. Capable of providing reliable data in a matter of minutes compared to the years that may be required by in-use testing. Taber tests involve mounting a flat specimen to a turntable platform that rotates on a vertical axis at a fixed speed.  Two genuine Taber abrasive wheels applied at a specific pressure are lowered onto the specimen surface.

Liebisch corrosion testing chamber

Liebisch chamber is reliable equipment for corrosion testing. Sulfur dioxide chamber provides simulation of aggressive industrial atmosphere exposure. For performing corrosion tests with Sulphur dioxide is used the liebisch Gasomat gas dosing system.
Test report authentication
EN Сертификация в системе ИНТЕРГАЗСЕРТ
В январе 2019 г  Центральным органом  Системы добровольной сертификации ИНТЕРГАЗСЕРТ АПО НТГО ЦОС 4 проведен инспекционный контроль ИЛ "ЛКП-Хотьково-Тест" на соответствие требовани...
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EN Запуск официального сайта испытательной лаборатории «ЛКП-Хотьково-Тест»
Мы рады сообщить Вам о запуске официального сайта испытательной лаборатории лакокрасочных материалов и покрытий «ЛКП-Хотьково-Тест». На нашем сайте Вы сможете найти всю необходимую информацию о тестировании ЛКМ,...
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EN Сертификация по стандарту ISO 9001:2015
Новая редакция ISO 9001 имеет и новый подход к документам и записям. Стандарт направлен на применение «процессного подхода». Понимание и менеджмент взаимосвязанных процессов как системы, способствует результати...
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EN Новые виды испытательного оборудования
ИСПЫТАТЕЛЬНАЯ ЛАБОРАТОРИЯ ЛКМ «ЛКП-Хотьково-тест» информирует о доукомплектации лаборатории новыми видами испытательного оборудования, позволяющего расширить виды проводимых испытаний. Устойчивость материалов ...
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